Music Studio


Aug-Dec  ’22

 FALL Semester Music lessons and BANDS !

Looking ahead to new band performances possibilities:

 Trailhead Pizzeria, Lotus Center, Harmony Gymnasium

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Music Realization Center

A full-time music studio of many beginning to advanced level students of all ages. 


Personal lessons, Beginner Band Jam, Rock Band Classes, & Performances


Celebrating 15 years of a fun, caring, consistent and nurturing learning environment


3 Age Levels of Studio Bands !

This studio is one that encourages performing for those students who are interested in that. Students have performed at the studio shows at schools, churches, farmer’s markets, nursing homes and then taken it further on their own to ukulele festivals, NPR shows, school dances, etc.


WHAT is it?   This is a single teacher music lesson studio of 14 years and counting

WHEN is it?  When Mr.C is not working at his real job. Full-Time, this is Mr.C’s real job.

WHO is he? Mr.C is a degreed, licensed, and more importantly experienced music teacher and musician of 25 years who brings varied and deep experiences from teaching public school band to performing with rock, hiphop, funk bands and many things in between. (He is also licensed as a ‘regular’ classroom teacher.)

WHICH instruments? Most of the main band and rock instruments are taught from beginning elementary to advanced high school.

HOW are lessons given? Usually 45 minutes, or 30 minutes for beginners. The student’s musical interests are given first consideration as Mr.C adapts to each student.

WHO takes lessons here? 

1.Trumpet players in middle school, high school, and beginners, also adults.

2.Guitarists/Electric Bass in high school, middle school, and elementary playing electric, acoustic, and ukulele also as many students in this studio can play them all.

3.Piano/Keyboard players that are just beginning to those advancing and performing in the studio bands. Many other instrumentalists also learn a bit of piano eventually.

4.Drummers learning to read rhythms and beginning the drum set to students who are entering middle school/high school band and learning beginning mallets/bells to advancing rock/hiphop and jazz drum set, and most play percussion and drum set in the rock bands.

5. Beginning Band wind instrument students: trombone, clarinet, sax, flute, baritone, of course trumpet 

6.Elementary School students who want to find out what instrument(s) they are interested in. Some students try-out (and learn) instruments for months to years, then settle on an instrument or two, then proceed to learn and advance quicker and more solidly and with more joy. The student leads, the teacher guides. This is not a place to send your child to ‘learn piano’ because you want them to. This is a place they will learn piano, etc. when they have chosen to.

The Music Realization Center